Mobility for all young people


Dynamo International is:

  • a Belgian association created in March 2001 by the non-profit organisation Dynamo AMO to give an international dimension to the work of social street workers

  • Dynamo International is a youth social service working in the Belgian French community using mobility as a tool of social and professional integration.

Our missions

  • Enable young people with fewer opportunities to live an experience through a mobility project

  • Facilitate the access to services, resources, programs, grants related  to mobility

  • Support social workers to develop their mobility projects

  • Raise awareness of both general public and qualified  operatives  in youth work is essential to ensure the transmission of information to voung people. 

Our public


  • Every young people with fewer opportunities from 13 to 25 vears old

  • Qualified operatives in youth work

A personal support throughout the project


We use mobility as part of an overall strategy for social inclusion. That is why we are present all through the project: before, during and after it.

Mobility as a tool


Through a mobility experience each young people will have the chance to develop key competences and skills such as:

We believe there is no better way than living a mobility experience to promote real lasting understanding across cultures, continents and political divides.

Professional skills

What we offer


  • A personal support for both individual and collective projects

  • Youth exchange, European Voluntary Service (EVS), and plenty of other projects

  • lntercultural training

Are your an organisation ? Do you also welcome volunteers?

If so, our young public might be interested as they often look for organisations where to volunteer for an EVS or with other grants. What kinds of volunteering opportunity would be possible within your organization?


What about becoming partners for a youth exchange?


Within a collective dynamic, we also organize camps or activities in Belgium and participate in youth exchanges in Europe. Therefore, we are therefore regularly looking for partners to develop youth exchanges. Have you already participated in youth exchanges? What would be the themes of interest to you within a partnership?

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